MES and i4.0

Sequor's MES WSQOLEAN System is fully modular, which makes it possible to scale the MES modules according to your economic and technical need, and to gradually expand MES concepts in your plant. MES Sequor also counts on:

  • Components for handling products within the MES: BOM, Structure Changes, PLM Integration and more
  • Sequencing and Production Planning
  • Access control and skill matrix


The WSQOLEAN Web Sequor Lean is a fully customizable Industrial Management system. Has open source code for modeling your customers' businesses

  • Asset Performance Management (APM)
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Quality and regulatory compliance
  • WCM World Class Manufacturing


Fully modular, which makes it possible to gradually scale and expand MES concepts in your plant


Global Equipment Efficiency. Powerful tool for analysis of productive efficiency and maintenance
Information of your product from start to finish of your process. More credibility with your client
Product already consecrated in the market and team with experience and highly qualified for the implantation of the system
Quality Control Visualization, request to support sectors, critical events, messages and videos


Technology that allows you to generate, control, store, share and view information in documents
Flexible, interactive and fully customizable building dashboards
This tool allows the control and monitoring of the processes of the factory floor



More than 300 computers with our system installed between Terminals and Andons Sequor has systems in all Honda Sectors controlling processes, generating reliable information for decision making and helping to guarantee Honda quality.


More than 500 points installed between Terminals, Andons and Tablets, Sequor has a fully integrated system with SAP ERP. There are more than 20 interfaces connecting the main SAP modules


Since 2008 in production, Sequor already has the system installed in more than 10 lines of the Midea-Carrier. Traceability and product manufacturing quality are also guaranteed through our tools


Sequor has been working at AGCO since 2007, many years of successful projects. The dropping of production orders and bill of materials for picking payment are among one of the main tools in the factory. In addition to 3 Electric Test benches, also leading excellence in the process of factory floor